Getting Ready

Getting Laptops Ready For Students

Mary’s Goals

I have just a few goals, however, they are big to me. These goals are what I wish to accomplish in the next 5 years My goals are as follows:


  • To obtain employment with a non-profit or not-for-profit organization.


  • To work my way up through the ranks from entry level position to a position of a leader over a group or organization I am working with.


  • To maintain a good working relationship with my colleagues.


  • To continually update my knowledge on new and upcoming technologies so that I am always aware of what is available.


  • To be able to give back to my community. Whether that be with donations of money, objects or services.


  • I want to be able to mentor people in my community in a professional or even a personal capacity.


  • I want to be able to travel. Whether it is for personal or professional purposes.


  • I wish to maintain any new acquaintances I make through out my life.


Work Term


•Practical Experience With Word Processing, Spreadsheets, DestopPublishing, Relational Database Management Systems and EnterpriseEmail Clients

•Computer Hardware Tear Assembly and Troubleshooting

•Semiconductor and Digital Circuits

•High-Reliability Soldering

•Enterprise Email Server Systems

•Small to Medium Cisco Network Administration

•Windows and Unix Server and Client Operating System Administration

•Programming and Scripting

•Project Management

My Portfolio