About Me

Mary was born in 1970 and grew up in the north end of Halifax. She was raised by her grandparents.

Mary was brought up with strong personal and moral values the most important thing that Mary was taught was family is everything. As Mary was growing up she tried to make any endeavour and a family oriented task.

She spent her school years at the sacred heart school of Halifax, an all-girls private school. Mary Then went on to NSCC for Automotive mechanical for 7 months, when she was forced to leave due to health matters. Mary spent the next fourteen years working in the automotive field, from delivery driver all the way up to a Parts Manager for a local Canadian Tire Store.

No matter where Mary went to work, she always looked at her place of business as a sort of family. Mary is a very independent woman. She’s cheerful kind and gentle choose a securing and most are family.

Mary is a fast learner and when you show her something you may have to shore once or twice but she will get the concept fairly quickly.

Mary has a great care for people in her life whether in her inner circle or those that she works with.

Mary is a dream chaser. When she thinks she has the possibility to do something she doesn’t give up, she chases that train until she obtains it.

Mary can be a bit headstrong but in most work situations this works best for her because she sticks an inch longer have to make sure she can overcome the problems she is currently with working with.

Mary will leave her comfort zone to take on new and exciting projects within her workplace to keep on challenging herself.
To Mary, family is everything, however whatever or whomever Mary is currently dealing with, that becomes her priority.